Handmade Waxmelts, Snap bars, scented candles and Hand soap
All waxmelts are handmade from organic soya wax, and not from parrafine like most fragrance waxmelts. You can spend longer time enjoying a delightful fragrance through the living room, office, shop, workplace, ect.
Put a Wax Melt in the dish of your burner, put a waxinelichtje underneath (tip cut the fuse of the tea light slightly shorter) to increase the distance to the dish, you will enjoy it longer, and a delicious constant scent is spread in your House or the space where your burner stands for 4 to 8 hours. With outliers upwards but also underneath. It does not splash and does not boil dry. The waxmelts do not burn on. To replace the Wax Melt let the wax solidify for 10 sec put a tea light underneath and you pops up the used waxje look like this.
TIP: Create your own unique scent by mixing multiple waxjes.
If there Is not enough stock in the webshop and if you really want to have more of the same smell than the stock allows... Please let me know via the contact form and I'll contact you ASAP.

Hand Soap
Functions of glycerin, skin repair: glycerine fills the small cracks in the skin. The cracks remain moist and thus get a chance to recover. In addition, glycerin is not irritating to dry and sensitive skin. This Hand soap is not only a true veraddeming for your skin but also smells delicious. Our hand soap is made to order for optimal fragrance pleasure especially for you.

Votive candles, canned candles
A votive soy candle has 13-18 burn hours and is almost 5 cm high.
It has the cross section of a tea light and burns the best in a matching glass
The votive candles are delivered as standard in a glass, but can also be ordered without glass. Also the candles in look have between 13-18 burn hours.
Scented candles are made to order for optimal fragrance pleasure especially for you.
You can choose from 228 different scents as well as the delightful designer fragrances. You only need to pass on the desired scent to the comments.
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Specialized in the famous designer perfume and ordinary delicious fragrances.
Payment Methods
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All in Stock and availble in 228 fragrances

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    Vers gemaaid gras
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    Witte Musk ( BW Type )
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  • 15 Waxmelts voor €8,50 eigen keuze
    15 Waxmelts voor €8,50 eigen keuze
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  • 15 Waxmelts voor €8,50 eigen keuze
    15 Waxmelts voor €8,50 eigen keuze
    € 8,50


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